0. Materials needed for a tricolor paracord bracelet:



        + 2-3 Meter Paracord 550 Standard WHITE (depends on the size of your wrist)
        + 2-3 Meter Paracord 550 Standard BLUE (depends on the size of your wrist)
        + 1 Meter Paracord 550 Standard RED
        + 1 pc. 15 mm Buckle

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0. Tools required:

        + Fire maker
        + Scissors
        + Paracord needle (nice to have)


1. First step - materials and tools:


We are preparing for all tools and items needed to make this kind of paracord bracelet.

 Picture 1.


2. Second step - join white and blue cords together:

 Join two main paracords together. I always use a fire maker to do that. Do it quickly. The paracords can be joint awhile they are very hot.

 Picture 2.



 3. Third step - pull cord into buckle:


Pull paracords into plastic or metal buckels. First pull the joint side of paracords into the buckle, make a loop and pull the cord end through this loop. Tighten up as the next step. Pull the other end of paracords through the other part of buckle. Set the distance between two part of buckles according to your wrist. When it seems too tight or to loose, correct it respectively.

 Picture 3.


 Picture 4.


Picture 6.

Picture 7.

 Picture 8.

4. Fourth step - apply third color (red):

Take the third paracord and pull throught the buckle on that end, where you will start the knotting. Leave a tiny piece of paracord underneath.



Picture 9.


Picture 10.


Picture 11.


Picture 12.


Picture 13.

Picture 14.

6. Sixth step - Start up with knots:

Now start up with knotting. While making first knot, take the third cord up. Make the knot around the third cord as the second step. And so on until you are reaching the other end. Always thighten the cords up and alternate the left and right sides.

Picture 15.

7. Seventh step - Continue with knots:

Picture 16.

8. Eighth step - Finalize cord Red:

Finally pull the third cord unterneath. Easy to do it with your scissors and make a hole to ensure enough space for the third cord to go through.

Picture 17.

Picture 18.

Picture 19.

9. Ninth step - cut and melt the cord ends:

Picture 20.

And now you are ready to wear your self made tricolor paracord bracelet. Enjoy!

Picture 21. 

Picture 21.: We're ready and happy with it :-) Enjoy.